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PA.HE.KO Collection

Paheko means "combination" in the Maori language. Essential yet non-simplified volumes, cross-references to well-known shapes, seen and recorded in our memories as archetypes of vases, columns and capitals. These objects stand out almost undefined as for their usage, therefore completely free to suggest different purposes reinterpreted from time to time. Put a book on it nearby a bed and it will become a nightstand; a cocktail by a pool will make it an outdoor table; inside the house or in a bathroom it could turn into a stool, while in a restaurant or café it could serve as a bag holder. The shape changes, capsizes, blends with the environment. Its volumes offer the coordinated harmony of an object that is somehow out of trends, mixing the neoclassical 1980’s style with the minimalistic design of the XXI century. Up and down are ready to be overturned reinventing the design, while the joint ring in five colours allows for up to thirty different combinations. Made of white or black polypropylene, lightweight yet extremely sturdy, it can be used both indoor and outdoor in several ways. Actually, in just about every way that fantasy or need will suggest.


  • PA: 11.81" W x 11.81" D x 17.5" H
  • HE: 11.81" W x 11.81" D x 17.5" H
  • KO: 11.81" W x 11.81" D x 17.5" H


In Stock Finishes:

  • Black with White Ring (PA) (HE) (KO)
  • Black with Mustard Ring (PA) (HE) (KO)
  • Black with Red Ring (PA)(HE)(KO)
  • Black with Ocean Blue Ring (PA)
  • White with Mustard Ring (PA) (HE) (KO)
  • White with Red Ring (PA)  (HE) (KO)
  • White with Blue Ring (PA) (HE)(KO)
  • White with White Ring (KO)
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