Ebe A Wall Lamp

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Charming and sophisticated, the Ebe wall lamp, whose name clearly refers to the goddess of youth, represents the perfect combination of aesthetic elegance and functionality. The painted metal structure in a dark chocolate finish is complemented by a refined metal mesh made of brass wire, which gives the appearance of this lamp an incredible lightness and sinuosity. The special features of Ebe A allow the LED light source to create a splendid play of light and shadow in rooms, creating fascinating and unique atmospheres. Placed in a living room, entrance hall or hospitality area, Ebe A with its presence gives a touch of style and class to interiors, ensuring lighting is always ideal for every need.
10.6" W x 5.5" D x 15.7" H

Lighting Source:

EU version: 1X E14 Max 10W - 220V - Led not included

US version: 1 X E12 Max 40W - 110V - Led not included

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