Maui Lounge Chair

Armchair in solid wood of scented cedar worked from a single block. It is a sculptural monolith with a curvaceous and sinuous design characterized by an ergonomic seat in continuity with the backrest. Available in version with or without base with tubular leg and iron plate. These are completely natural wood products and finished by hand without the addition of any treatment, any movements, cracks and changes in the conditions of wood are an essential feature of these furnishings and are due to natural settling and different environmental conditions.

They are made of solid wood and are completely natural and hand-finished, without other treatments; further movements, cracks or changing of the wood are unique characteristics of the furniture and are due to the natural settlement and to the different environmental conditions.


29.5“W x 29.5“D x 11.8“H 

Mondo Maui Lounge Chair Specs