Nappe N4 Wall Sconce

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Enhance your interiors with the luxurious allure of the Nappe N4 Wall Sconce by Masiero. Drawing inspiration from the delicate tassels found in Venetian textiles, this piece is the brainchild of Marco Zito and boasts Italian craftsmanship. It features a brushed metal body and a solid brass cap that emerges from a rod connected to a domed wall mount, creating a distinctive aesthetic. A conical metal shade dangles from a refined spherical detail, ingeniously masking the integrated LED lighting to prevent direct glare at eye level. Completing the design, a cascade of durable pyrex glass rods mimics a tassel's fringe, capturing and reflecting light, thus bringing the fixture to life with sparkling illumination.
Width 2.95"
Height 15.75"
Depth 5.51"
Weight 5.51Lbs