Riva 1920: Natural and Sustainable Solid Wood Furniture

Posted by Mondo Collection on Mar 6th 2024


Founded in 1920 by Nino Romano in Cantù, Brianza, as a small family workshop specializing in solid wood classic furnishings, Riva 1920 evolved under Mario Riva in the mid-1940s. The tradition continued with Maurizio and Davide Riva in the late '70s, focusing on custom furniture and emphasizing natural wood treatment with natural waxes and oils. By 1987, with the opening of their first production unit and Anna Riva joining the business, Riva 1920 debuted at the Milan International Furniture Fair in 1992, showcasing its collection. The company also incorporated reclaimed woods like New Zealand's ancient Kauri and Venice's Briccole. The expansion continued with a second production unit in 2005 and the Renzo Piano-designed Riva Center in 2010, featuring a showroom and a Wood Museum. A third unit specializing in cedar opened in 2013, and in 2017, the Riva Center added a floor showcasing the Pangea table by Michele de Lucchi and a xylotheque with global woods.



"Produce honestly to hand down to future generations, making solid wood furniture able to challenge time while fully respecting the environment". This is the thought that guides and motivates every daily action of Riva 1920.


RIVA 1920 envisions a future where creativity, design, and innovation drive societal improvement and ensure a pristine environment for upcoming generations. With a strong dedication to refining living spaces, Riva 1920 integrates the essence of artisanship, technology, and the renowned value of Made in Italy.


Riva 1920 is committed to designing, customizing, and producing pieces that not only beautify spaces and bring people together but also safeguard the environment. Emphasizing sustainability, each piece of furniture is proudly made in Italy, aimed at enduring through time. Upholding traditional craftsmanship amidst technological advancement, Riva 1920 creates timeless works that are not swayed by transient trends.


RIVA 1920's furniture is crafted primarily from solid wood and plywood, with solid wood being the cornerstone material. The brand ensures that all wood used is sourced from forests managed through controlled and planned logging activities. This conscientious approach means that for every tree harvested to create Riva 1920 furniture, new ones are planted in its place. This sustainable cycle ensures that the natural world is replenished, maintaining the balance of nature and returning to the environment what has been borrowed.


Plywood(or blockboard) panels are made using only Italian poplar wood from Piedmont and lower Lombardy. Poplar tree plants grow rapidly (cycle of about 7/10 years) and the wood that is required is therefore an easily renewable raw material.

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By deconstructing select pieces to expose their interiors, Riva 1920 offers a glimpse into the intrinsic quality of its furnishings. This intentional dissection reveals the furniture's core, demonstrating that the wood visible on the exterior is consistently used throughout, ensuring that customers receive furniture crafted from 100% natural solid wood. The construction incorporates plywood or blockboard side supports and backrests using Italian poplar, enhancing the furniture's stability and durability. The design features a solid wood top and base, reinforcing the structure's strength and longevity. Additionally, the solid wood drawers are assembled using the traditional dovetail joint technique, a testament to the craftsmanship that not only adds to the product's aesthetic appeal but also its robustness.


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