Sustainable Design Selection

Feb 22nd 2024

1 - Crazy Diamond suspension by Luca Mazza - Crystalflex® used in the production of the fixture is completely recyclable and reusable. The process of cold industrial manufacturing doesn’t emit harmful substances. The shell can be washed and it is shock resistant, ensuring an excellent longevity.

2 - Vertex dining chair by Karim Rashid is made of double wall polyethylene resin shell through the process of rotational molding. This indoor/outdoor chair is 100% recyclable and its structure can be continuously reshaped.

3 - Bricola Venezia stool by Riva 1920 - this stool represents an effort of reclaiming a peculiar feature of the Venetian landscape: the “Briccole”, posts made of chestnut oak arising from the lagoon. Stained by tides, they are re-interpreted and turned into artworks.

4 - Furore table lamp by Supergrau is composed from recycled marble, hand-blown glass, lacquered plastic, textile cable, and copper.

5 - Genois Lt beanbag by Dvelas is an outdoor lounge seating made from recovered sail fabric.