Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini grew up in Treviso, immersed in the tranquil yet steadfast rhythms of the Veneto countryside. This environment, steeped in tradition and culture, sometimes viewed as old-fashioned, deeply influenced his values of perseverance, patience, and passion. Mendini is drawn to the allure of time-honored materials that carry the essence of tradition, celebrating the craftsmanship and knowledge required to master them. He values the process over the immediate, cherishing the anticipation and the thoughtful consideration that precedes creation.

Born in Milan in 1931, Mendini made significant contributions to the fields of architecture and design. He served as the editor-in-chief for esteemed publications such as Casabella, Modo, and Domus, and his work, both individually and with the Alchimia group, has been celebrated in monographs worldwide.

Mendini's design repertoire spans objects, furniture, interiors, paintings, installations, and architecture, marked by international collaborations with prominent brands like Alessi, Philips, Cartier, Swatch, Hermès, and Venini. Beyond designing, he has acted as an image consultant for various companies across the globe, from Italy to the Far East. His accolades include honorary memberships and awards such as the Compasso d’Oro, the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in France, an honorary degree from the Milan Polytechnic, and recognition from the Architectural League of New York.

In 1989, together with his brother Francesco, Mendini founded Atelier Mendini in Milan, embarking on projects that encompass industrial, commercial, and residential spaces. His work resides at the intersection of art, design, and architecture, embodying a deep theoretical and practical engagement with all three disciplines. Mendini's legacy is a testament to a career that transcends conventional boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on museums, private collections, and the broader world of design and architecture.