Anti-Comfort Lei & Lui Bench

The concept of “comfort” is not an ergonomic fact; we know that, at times, sitting on a stone or on a tree trunk can be cozier that sitting on a stuffed armchair. It depends on the state of mind. Given the “hard times” we are all going through, it is cautious to gear up with a more “hostile” though realistic design.

Available in two versions, the Anti-Comfort Lei & Lui designed by Andrea Branzi are s
eating element in solid Briccola wood obtained from the original form of the post, enclosed in an iron frame that acts as backrest and armrests.

ANTI-COMFORT LEI: 23.6" W x 40.75" D x 18.9" /32.6" H
ANTI-COMFORT LUI: 23.9" W x 55.9" D x 17.7" /31.5" H

Mondo Anti-Comfort Lei & Lui Bench Specs