Baldessari & Baldessari

Baldessari & Baldessari is an esteemed architecture and design studio founded by Julius, Paul, and Michela Baldessari. This professional collective is engaged in a broad spectrum of activities, including architecture, industrial and visual design, and interior architecture. The firm operates through a blend of in-house teams and a vast network of external consultants, coordinating exhibitions both in Italy and internationally, engaging in research, and participating in various competitions and showcases.

The studio’s portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects in the public and private sectors, including residential, office, and industrial spaces, as well as the restoration of historical buildings and the development of vintage architectural and interior design projects. Moreover, Baldessari & Baldessari collaborates closely with design companies.

Over the years, the firm has been recognized with awards and special mentions, highlighting its innovative contributions to design. These accolades include the Italian A chair award for the United States in 1984, the Alcan Prize in 1991 for utilizing aluminum in construction, and the international design competition for the Trau Workstation. In 2007, it won the 1st prize in the Rimini 2007 furniture design competition, further establishing its reputation for excellence in the field of design and architecture.