Banana Floor Lamp

Bananas brings to life the banana tree, with its elongated curved shape hosting hand-turned brass leaves. Emerging from a circular marble base, each leaf is connected to separate lighting tubes and features a uniquely chiseled texture, allowing the light to be both reflected and diffused along the surface, culminating in a stand out piece for any living space.

Product Options
Leaves Exterior: Chiseled in Brass, Nickel or Copper in Antique finishing.
Leaves Interior and tubes: Brass, Nickel or Copper plate in Polished, Brushed or Antique finishing.
Base: Carrara, Negro Marquina, Estremoz, Estremoz Rose
or Guatemala Green marble in polished finishing.
14 x MAX LED G9 3w, 210Lm 2700k | 230V

As pictured
Exterior of the leaves in chiseled Brass; interior of the leaves in Polished Brass; tubes in Polished Brass; base in Carrara marble in polished finishing.

18.5'' W x 22.8" D x 72" H

Mondo Bananas Floor Lamp Spec