Bordone Modular Sofa

Bordone originates from the desire of creating something beautiful and durable over time. It is designed from a smart intuition that offers emotions. Today more than ever our lives are flexible, characterized by the mixing of roles and functions. On the sofa we eat, sleep, play with the children, work, reply to an e-mail while watching a movie with the rest of the family, we isolate ourselves on it to answer the phone, we have business meetings while the children are at home, we carve out a cocoon space to cuddle in with our pet. All this has converged into this sofa on its own revolutionary, simple and comfortable.

Bordone is a modular system of sofas in motion. Hybrid, multifunctional, flexible, comfortable at first glance, Bordone fits easily into both domestic and public spaces. Bordone is a landscape to be explored and experienced according to the feeling of the moment. It quickly proposes the possibility of changing your point of view, creating a moment of intimacy or sharing. It offers many different configurations based on space requirements and even, once acquired, the possibility of alternating the swivel ending elements of the sofa with ottomans, thus obtaining a sofa with a new skyline and two swivel armchairs.

Technical information:

Modular sofa with swivel armchairs or interchangeable poufs. Base in fir plywood covered with coupled velvet and fabric. Structure in fir wood. Seat and back upholstered in non-deformable polyurethane of different densities, dacron and polyester fiber lining. Fabric lining. The workmanship of the seat cushion is enriched with stitching to enhance its aesthetic softness.

Dimensions: Please see technical sheet for modular configurations available


Mondo Bordone Sofa Spec