Botera Lounge Chair

Padded with four different types of foam, Botera’s design focuses on comfort. A chunky cushion forms the base from which the high or low backrest is developed, making this armchair ideal for use in modular arrangements. And it is precisely through its compositions that Botera brings people together and encourages them to socialize, breaking down the final boundaries between home and contract settings to create a soft, personal, hybrid space. Botera loves being in company, especially in public spaces, but at home it also enjoys being on its own.


47.2" W x 41.1" D x 33.5" H x 15" SH

47.2" W x 40.7" D x 49.4" H x 15.2" SH

Priced here is for the 47.2" W x 41.1" D x 33.5" H x 15" SH

Contact us for other finishes and sizes options.

Mondo Botera Lounge Chair Spec