Cambusa Glass Wine Cabinet

Multi-functional storage unit with double glass door, with plinth and drawers assembled with dovetails joints and solid wood push-pull opening system. Unit and inner structure fittings are designed to meet container and functional needs, being a wine-storage unit, you can insert compartments for bottles and glasses. There’s also the possibility  to insert a wine fridge in the Jumbo version. The interior spaces are illuminated by a LED lighting system positioned across the entire height of the inner side. It is activated automatically via sensors when the door is opened. Also available in the version with metal doors. Finish: base of oil / natural wax of vegetable origin with pine extracts.



CLOSED A" 50" W x 23.7" D x 79" H
OPENED B" 100" W x 23.7" D x 79" H

Mondo Cambusa Glass Wine Cabinet Specs