Christophe de Sousa

Franco-Portuguese Designer, Christophe de Sousa was born in France in 1979.

While still very young, he came to live in Portugal, the country of the origin of his parents.

This mixture of experiences allowed him a broad overview and understanding of the different cultures. Travelling, as well as living with people of different backgrounds, served as a foundation for his inspiration.

He showed a passion and a skill for drawing from an early age.

The degree in Industrial Design at the Lusíada University of Porto became the formal basis of his creative adventure.

The collaboration with several companies from a variety of sectors and the international awards with which his work was distinguished gave support to his “know how” to grow and develop, reflecting the evolution of his unique "trait".

Passionate by the process of creation and production while obstinate by the form versus the function, he is a natural observer finding in details the greatest allies in the pursuit of perfection!

Christophe de Sousa