Clara Floor Lamp

Clara embodies the essence of "carrying light wherever you go." This contemporary lantern reimagines tradition with a rechargeable battery via USB-C, lasting up to 8 hours. Its magnetic attachment allows for easy on/off functionality, providing versatile 360-degree illumination. Available in matte white or bronze with a Vienna straw-effect resin finish, Clara Small seamlessly integrates indoor quality with outdoor functionality, meeting IP65 standards. With a 3W LED emitting 400 Lm at 3000 K with CRI >90, Clara is perfect for any setting, offering 7-8 hours of autonomy, 600 life cycles, and a 4-hour charging time. Whether for garden soirées or indoor ambiance, Clara delivers.

The Clara Floor Lamp is offered in 3 sizes:


Small: 6.4" DIA x 13.2" H

Medium: 11.2" DIA x 24.1" H

Large: 14.2" DIA x 32.7" H

Mondo Clara Floor Lamp Specs