Claudio Bellini

Claudio Bellini, born in 1963, is an accomplished architect, designer, and art director based in Milan. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Politecnico di Milano, where he studied Architecture and Industrial Design. Bellini's passion for creativity was ignited in his childhood, heavily influenced by his father, Mario Bellini, a luminary in contemporary design.

In 1996, Bellini founded his own multidisciplinary design studio, CLAUDIO BELLINI, in Milan, marking a pivotal moment in his career as he established his unique brand. His design philosophy balances the elegance of beauty with functional efficiency, catering to the needs of the global market.

Bellini's innovative work spans across various industries, collaborating with leading global companies in office furniture (Frezza – Steelcase), products (Barazzoni – Vitra Bath), automotive (Fiat Auto), and home furniture (Walter Knoll – Pedrali). His contributions to design have been recognized with numerous international awards, such as the Red Dot, IF, and Good Design awards.

The CLAUDIO BELLINI studio has broadened its scope to encompass the entire user environment, offering extensive art direction and consultancy services in product, graphic, interior design, and architecture. This holistic approach aims to forge memorable corporate identities.

With a global perspective and an understanding of diverse cultural and market dynamics, supported by a skilled multinational team, the studio serves over a hundred clients worldwide, establishing Bellini as a pivotal figure in European design.

Bellini is also dedicated to educating future designers, sharing his expertise through worldwide conferences and a professorship in furniture design at Genova University. His enduring curiosity and enthusiasm for design, coupled with a deep appreciation for cultural and historical contexts, have shaped his career. Bellini describes himself as a "world citizen with an Italian soul," embodying his journey as a celebrated designer who remains passionately curious about every aspect of the design process.