Compass Dining Table

The Compass is a round-top table with a stained ash-wood or Italian walnut-wood structure and exquisite marble or wooden top. The combination of the two materials creates a tactile contrast: whilst the marble, with its elegant veins, is typically perceived as a colder material, the wood, with its natural essence, brings a soft warming touch.
Thanks to the cross-shaped structure in front of them, which gives the item greater strength and stability, the slightly angled legs almost seem to communicate with each other. Compass is also available with a rotating Lazy Susan turntable in the middle of the table top, making it much easier for diners to reach serving dishes. Compass is a work of art: a beautiful piece that enhances living spaces and dining rooms with its elegant craftsmanship and exclusive details.


70.9" Ø x 29.9" H

Mondo Compass Table Specs