Funiculi Wall Lamp

$50.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Throughout his career as a designer, Lluís Porqueras has always sought an absolute simplicity in his designs, doing away with everything superfluous to leave the essence of the useful, simple object. The Funiculí is the epitome of that concept; 30 years after it first appeared, it is still cutting-edge.

While the standard Funiculí was updated in 2012, the collection has also been extended to incorporate a wall version, which retains the purity of the fixture’s style and its original attributes.

Using the same double-clip mechanism of the original, this scaled-down model allows easy height adjustment and 360º shade rotation to fit the needs of any room or user.

Stem and wall clip in lacquered iron. Shade made of lacquered aluminum.

Available Finishes:

Moss grey (Ral 7003)  
Off-white (Ral 9001)  
Black (Ral 9005)  
Green (RAL 110 40 30)
Terracotta (RAL 050 40 50)
Mustard (RAL 075 60 70)

6.1" Ø X 19.37" H

E12 LED TYPE G16.5 5W

UL Listed