Iglu LED Wall Sconce

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Grade Masiero's Iglu LED Wall Sconce captures the essence of elegance through a play of light and shadow, envisioning a perfect sphere through Oriano Favaretto's design. His work delves into the dynamic between filled and void spaces, a theme that materializes in the sconce's hemispheric design. The design efficiently occupies space, anchored by a compact metal backplate, with its upper hemisphere forming a solid structure that provides an accent of upward light. Below, a mesh hemisphere creates an exterior silhouette and radiates internal highlights when illuminated. This arrangement allows the LEDs to emit a gentle downward glow, beautifully diffusing across the wall.
Fixture: Width 9.45"
Height 7.09"
Depth 11.02"
Weight 5.51Lbs
Mondo Iglu scheda Specs