Janeiro K Ceiling Lamp

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The Janeiro K offers the same triplex glass features as the Janeiro series except the glass twists and locks into place. The Janeiro K also has an additional 21.5 inch option and is available in LED for all sizes. Janeiro K Emergency has an electronic ballast, high power factor, class 120/277V battery back up included with test switch and LED indicator light.

Dimmable: Yes


Incandescent: UL Listed

LED: ETL Listed


12" Ø x 4.3" H

8.5" Ø x 4.2" H

14.5 "Ø x 5" H

16.5 "Ø x 5" H

18.5 "Ø x 5" H

21.5 "Ø x 5.4" H

Mondo Janeiro K Spec