Karina Sukar

Karina Sukar expresses her love of simplicity and aesthetic sensibility by blending the old with the new, integrating elements and styles from different eras and diverse cultures to contrast and complement each other simultaneously; creating regal, harmonious ambiances.

After 15 years of experience in the world of interior design with a team of talented professional design enthusiasts, combining efforts, thoughts and creativity, and thanks to a loyal clientele and trusted team of skilled artisans, wood carvers, finishers and upholsters, using their time tested techniques and modern production methods, Karina Sukar launched her signature furniture line from Beirut, featuring home accents and décor, elevating raw materials of wood, marble, steel and glass, with her signature’s fusion of modern and Art Deco.

While history plays an important role in the shaping of her vision, contemporary designs and innovative ideas are as much part of Karina’s inspiration as historic influences.

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