L'Anamour Side and Coffee Table

The L'Anamour Coffee and Side Tables is an elegant and imposing set of Coffee  and side tables . The concept behind the L'Anamour tables is seeking perfection by carefully balancing two contrasting objects and materials. The L'Anamour is composed of two tables entirely manufactured in two distinct materials and then juxtaposed to each other: the two tables are made in two materials - wood and travertine marble - which are presented in an opposite way to each other. The two tables harmoniously interlink to create an object which is both functional and stunningly beautiful.
Both the wood and the travertine marble are available in two different finishes:

TOP: Natural or red travertine (for side table) and natural or nude olive ash (for coffee table)
Base: Natural ash or nude lacquered wood (for side table) and natural travertine or nude lacquered wood (for coffee table)

The two tables can be sold as a set or separately.
The L'Anamour Coffee and Side Tables are ideal both for private use and in commercial spaces, for example in living and and other lounging rooms, receptions and meeting rooms.


Side Table28" W x 24" D x 15" H

Coffee Table: 43" W x 43" D x 12" H

Mondo L'anamour Side and Coffee Table Specs