Luna Dining Chair

These chairs have stylish curved legs and a nicely made backrest, giving them a classy and charming look. The Luna Chairs come in two versions: one with a lower back for a laid-back feel, and another with a taller back for extra support. Made with great care, they strike a perfect balance between looking good and being useful.

You can use the Luna Chairs in lots of ways – around a dining table, as accent chairs in a living room, or in a cozy lounge area. Wherever you put them, they'll add a bit of elegance to the scene.

Can be used outdoor in specific finishes, contact us for additional information.


Low Back:20.5” W x 20.9" D x 32.3" H
High Back:20.5” W x 20.9" D x 40.2" H

Mondo Luna Dining Chair Spec