Lune Stool

LUNE stool is a very beautiful and versatile piece, which can be used as a stool or, if you put the wood tray on it, as a small coffee table. It is presented in a collection of three, and it works perfectly alone or as group.

The wood tray is optional.


Width             40cm | 16”

Depth             40cm | 16”

Height           45cm | 18”

Tray height     3cm | 1,2”


  • LUNE A & B & C: 50%CO/50%VI deep blue velvet Ref GD029, ironwood and polished brass.
  • LUNE V: Shown in 100% cotton velvet Ref. S0342 and brushed brass.

Available in our range of fabrics, woods and metals.

COM – 1mt based in plain fabric of 1,40mts standard width.

Mondo-Lune Stool A-B-V Specs-