Mogambo Dining Table

Crafted with four organic, robust legs, Mogambo dining table boasts asymmetrical elegance, supporting a sturdy surface in perfect equilibrium. Inspired by the African wilderness, its bases evoke the majestic trunks of baobab trees, echoing their strength and balance. The barrel-shaped surface pays homage to their foliage. Balancing style and practicality, this table offers ample seating capacity, fostering a convivial dining atmosphere. Available in two standard sizes and customizable options, its resin base and wood veneer surface come in various finishes, ensuring versatility to suit any interior aesthetic. Its resin bases are available in RAL colors.


Small:102.4" W  x 47.25" D  X 29.9" H

Large: 141.75" W x 51.25" D x 29.9" H

Price here is for the small table.

Mondo Mogambo Dining Table Spec