Naboo Low Stool

Buckle up and prepare for touchdown at Naboo Stool – a divine blend of celestial inspiration and unparalleled comfort, guaranteed to elevate your sitting experience to cosmic levels. This stool is akin to a fragment of the solar system, but far cozier than any asteroid. With a seat cushion softer than a Venusian cloud, each leg is encircled by a miniature rendition of Naboo's planet, ensuring that every sit transports you through the vastness of space, regardless of your destination. And rest assured, slipping off is not an option – Naboo's Stool stays firmly anchored, even when your imagination takes flight! So whether you're nestled on the Martian sands or perched amidst Saturn's icy rings, you'll reign as the sovereign of your personal celestial realm every time you settle in.


21.7" W x 21.7" D x 21.7" H

Mondo Naboo Low Stool Specs