Nappe N1 LED Mini Pendant

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Grade Echoing the timeless elegance of the classic tassel, the Nappe N1 LED Mini Pendant by Masiero brings a regal charm to your space with its sleek, modern design. Marco Zito masterfully crafts this piece, showcasing a harmonious blend of precise geometry and meticulous detail, making it a perfect addition to your sophisticated home. Each element of the pendant is crisply defined, drawing inspiration from the tassel's iconic form through a collection of slender rods that resemble its flowing threads. These rods connect to rounded shapes, evoking the tassel's rounded head. Upon lighting, a clean illumination filters through the rods, creating a striking, elegant silhouette, while softly illuminating your room with a gentle, inviting glow.
Dimensions: Fixture:
Height 14.17"
Diameter 5.91"
Weight 3.31Lbs
Maximum Hanging: Length Adjustable From 19.17" To 47.24"
Mondo Nappe Scheda Specs