Nappe N3 LED Mini Pendant

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Embrace the elegance of classic luxury reimagined for modern interiors with the Nappe N3 LED Mini Pendant by Masiero. This luminaire, inspired by the iconic tassel, is a creation of designer Marco Zito, blending clean illumination with decorative flair. Zito's meticulous design approach is evident in the pendant's geometric precision, featuring a tapered cylindrical shade and slender metal rods that mimic the tassel's flowing strands. Topped with a charming globe detail for an added touch of sophistication, this piece captures attention both when lit and unlit, with its rods creating a captivating silhouette against the warm downlight. The Nappe N3 offers a blend of playful elegance and a cozy ambiance, perfect for enhancing any room.
Height 14.17", Diameter 2.95", Weight 5.51Lbs
Maximum Hanging: Length Adjustable From 19.17", Adjustable To 47.24"