T-Gong Coffee Table

The T-Gong Coffee table features a top and base in the following finishes: painted steel with a metallic bronze satin finish, stainless steel with “Peltrox” finish or painted satin steel with Copper-colored finish. Brass satin inserts.

The inspiration for these brand-new coffee tables comes from the famous gong percussion instruments typical of Asian countries, a transposition of the ancient musical tradition in modern architecture: the metallic discs are transformed into convenient occasional tables. The table tops have a slightly raised edge and are perfectly circular with a unique polish that creates concentric reflections that decorate the surface naturally. T-Gong models are made of steel painted with a satin metallic bronze, or in stainless steel with a Peltrox finish, and with satin-finished brass inserts. The tripod base, with the same finish as the table top, gives the entire structure a light feel. Four versions of the table are available. They can be used as night stands, coffee tables or side tables.


16.5"/18.9"/21.3"/38.6" Ø x 20.1"/16.1"/12.2"/11" H

Mondo T-Gong Table Specs