Tivoli Vase Small

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Tivoli, nestled on the western slopes of the Sabine Hills, was chosen by the elite of Ancient Rome as their retreat into the idyllic countryside, building opulent residences. In the midst of this grandeur, near the city's river, lay a hidden gem: the oldest and most renowned Travertine marble. This natural stone, pivotal in Italian architectural history, has been used both structurally and decoratively, contributing to the Colosseum's magnificence.
Ivan Colominas celebrates the rich legacy and beauty of this stone in his latest collection, inspired by Tivoli's treasure. The collection includes tables, stools, vases, and centerpieces, blending smooth lines with exceptional materials. It features Travertino Navona paired with wood or the captivating Emperador Dark marble, creating a visual feast that honors the true essence of beauty.

14 Ø x 25,7 cm
5.5 Ø x 10.1 in