Tracks is an extending table that stands out for its architectural frame featuring simple silhouettes which, as the chromatic details vary, makes for table versions with a completely different personality each time. The "tracks" are two parallel steel beams which make up the table top extension mechanism and are clearly visible, from the top and from the side, thereby becoming the fundamental feature which determines the styling of the table. For a special youthful table for a designer setting you can choose the frame in various colors: red, blue, saffron yellow, green and mint green. For an equally special yet more discreet look, which will blend in more easily with elegant and sophisticated surroundings, the frame is also available in anthracite grey, black, white, dove grey, brown or bordeaux. The frame is teamed with a glass table top (transparent or extra light transparent) and with wooden legs in ash-wood (natural or polished grey) or American walnut-wood. (Designer: Alain Gilles)
H30" x W35" x L63" / 102"
H30" x W 39" x L75" / 118"
H30" x W39" x L87" / 130"
Mondo Tracks Tb Spec