Drylight LED Outdoor Wall Sconce

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The Masiero Drylight LED Outdoor Wall Sconce represents a revolutionary advancement in outdoor decorative lighting. This part of a sophisticated collection excels outdoors thanks to the innovative Drylight® technology, which utilizes a durable, waterproof material that not only shields the light from weather but also allows for the creation of traditional Venetian style sconces. The sconce features polycarbonate candelabra arms holding two waterproof light sources, adorned with exquisite crystals crafted from tough thermoplastic. Drylight® technology ensures that aesthetic appeal isn't compromised by outdoor conditions, enabling the placement of ornate lighting in exterior spaces, even in extreme weather.
Width 15.74"
Height 13.77"
Depth 11.81"
Weight 5.51Lbs
Mondo Drylight Scheda Specs