Drylight LED Three-Tier Outdoor Chandelier

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The Masiero Drylight LED Three-Tier Outdoor Chandelier represents a significant innovation in the realm of durable decorative lighting, as a highlight of a sophisticated collection that is perfectly suited for the outdoors. This chandelier benefits from the exclusive Drylight® technology, which utilizes a strong, waterproof material that not only shields the light from weather influences but also enables the creation of fixtures in the elegant Venetian style. Its gracefully curving polycarbonate arms spread out into an impressive three-tier arrangement, holding 24 light sources, each encased in frosted borosilicate glass. Embellished with exquisite thermoplastic crystals, the Drylight® chandelier transforms outdoor spaces with its decorative beauty, bringing the allure of traditional indoor lighting to the exterior and capturing the essence of classic dining ambiance in any outdoor setting.

Canopy: Height 4.92"
Diameter 7.87"
Fixture: Height 51.88"
Diameter 41.73"
Weight 68.34Lbs
Maximum Hanging: Length Adjustable From 56.8" 74.8"
Mondo Drylight Scheda Specs