Vegas LED Mini Pendant

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Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of Las Vegas, the Vegas LED Mini Pendant by Masiero infuses any space with a touch of contemporary allure. Designed by the renowned industrial designer Marc Sadler, this pendant showcases his innovative approach to lighting design. Featuring a central metal band with a refined finish, it supports an array of individually crafted glass strips, each meticulously treated with high heat to achieve a distinctive rock-like texture. These textured glass strips create a captivating interplay of light and shadow, adding a sculptural and elegant element to both the pendant and its surrounding environment.
Material: Metal
Shade Material: Strips of rock looking glass
Dimmable: Yes
Dimmer Not Included
Dimmer Type: 0-10V
Adjustable: Height
Location Rating: ETL Listed
Made In Italy
Finish: Leaf Champagne
Fixture: Height 11.02"
Diameter 4.72"
Weight 14.33Lbs
Maximum Hanging: Length Adjustable From 16.02", Adjustable To 47.24"